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Government needs to manage our money wisely. The major problems with the Maryland Healthcare Exchange cost us $65.4 million. The Washington Post estimates there could be as much as $30.5 million in future spending stemming from the faulty site.

We need to stop raiding funds slated for a particular purpose and spending it on something else. Fiscal responsibility is key to having money for people and programs with real benefits: Education, Infrastructure, and Healthcare.


I am a big advocate for cleaning up the bay. It must be a joint effort by individuals, organizations and businesses - each doing their part. Storm water runoff has become a big problem. With increased development, polluted runoff is now the fastest growing source of pollution in the bay. While upgrading sewage treatment plants will go a long way to reducing the pollution that threatens our water, we must actively seek new ways to address the storm water issue.

Finding and harnessing renewable energy sources should be a priority. Maryland’s goal of 20% in state renewable generation by 2022 is respectable, but we currently stand at just over 8%.

I try my best to be green. My family recycles most of its trash, we compost, and we routinely buy and sell at consignment sales. You might see me walking the baby downtown or riding my bicycle to save on gas. Each and every one of us has to take a small part in making the world (and the bay) a better place.


I have a stepson who has been in the special program of the Hannah More School for children on the autistic spectrum. I know the struggles parents face when seeking a good education for their children with disabilities.

Maryland has a very good school system, one of the best in the nation. We can improve it to ensure all of our kids across the state have consistent results.


I believe in privacy and individual choice when it comes to social and personal issues. I also believe in personal responsibility.


Affordable access to critical healthcare is important. We must fix our exchange and make coverage affordable.

Healthy living is good for everyone. If we educate our children (and everyone for that matter) to understand and adhere to this - our health care costs will be lower, insurance will be lower, and Maryland will enjoy a better quality of life. It’s just a win-win.


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