Laurie Sears Deppa for Maryland State Delegate
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Laurie's Goals for Office

I have many ideas for our district and the State of Maryland. I believe in creative financing, collaboration, and innovative solutions.

My primary goals in office are:

Create the position of a business mediator

As a former business owner, I understand the total frustration faced when opening and running a business. Small businesses represent 97.5% of all employers in Maryland. They are very important to jobs and our economy. I propose creating the position of a Business Mediator (Business and Economic Development) that will help people navigate through, and in some cases, cut the red tape that keeps small companies from opening and hiring.

Improve support for transitioning into independence

When I volunteered with the Lighthouse shelter, I worked closely with a family in transitional housing. Families are only allowed to stay for a set period of time. I would like to work with the public housing sector on the same set of principles. We will help transition people from co-dependence to independence – giving them tools for success, teaching them budgeting and financing, and helping with a career path. Let’s give them pride and the ability to lead by example for their children.

Reduce crime through educational opportunities

There is a correlation between crime and education. We can increase the educational opportunities and directly improve the lives of many.

There are 11 public housing areas in Annapolis. Crime in Annapolis is highly concentrated in these areas. If we emulated a successful Florida program called the “Tangelo Park Pilot Program”, which worked in a neighborhood much like these areas, we could see drastic improvement. This could be applied on a larger scale statewide.

Reach out to the community

To develop healthy eating habits in kids, I helped spearhead a project called The Healthy Kids Project. We created a volunteer group that partnered with Whole Foods, the community, and schools to present a healthy "cooking" class to students at Annapolis Middle.

The program is a great example of community collaboration. There is zero cost to taxpayers, as Whole Foods donates their food and time. By developing public-private partnerships and relationships in the community, we can begin to attack some of Maryland’s challenges in an innovative way.

Make recycling easier

I am very concerned about the environment. I compost, recycle most of our waste, and I believe we should make it as easy as possible for everyone. So much waste is thrown into landfills that could be recycled. I would like to re-examine the recommendations made in the Maryland Department of the Environment Solid Waste Management – Recycling and Source Reduction Study Group Final Report (Dec. 2011). Remaining feasible recommendations could be amended and enacted to make it easier for businesses and individuals to recycle, and help secure funding for us to continue to do so.


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