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My name is Laurie Sears Deppa.

I am a Democrat running for State Delegate in District 30A - your district!

Have you noticed that people seeking office suddenly “pop up” this time of year, ask for your vote, then disappear?

I aim to change that.

My slogan is your voice in the state house”, and I take that very seriously. If you are tired of government officials looking out for their best interests and not yours, please join me in my campaign!

So why should you cast your vote my way?

I have experience working for and with city government. I understand the challenges.

I believe in bringing people and organizations together to create a government that will better serve you. I want a government that governs by the people, for the people. Representatives are elected to represent people, not personal interests.

I am tired of seeing your taxes raised, while tax breaks go to organizations like casinos. I am tired of seeing small businesses (the biggest percentage of employers in the state) close. I want our kids safe, healthy, and educated. I am ready to address these issues.

I am a wife, mother, veteran and entrepreneur. We need to structure state and local government to better serve you, and not the interests of a privileged few.

I am asking you to talk to your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors - spread the word. There’s a candidate who really cares about what affects you.

If you wish, you may email me directly or call me on my cell. Please let me know if you, or anyone you know, wants to be on our mailing list. I am also looking for people to host events and help out with the campaign.

My campaign isn’t about me. It’s about being your voice in the statehouse.

Thank you so VERY much for your time and support!

- Laurie


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